We’re free!

The last of the vaccines has been given.

The one week waiting period is over.

And the Newtons are now free to explore any patch of grass that piques our fancy and make all the four-legged friends we please.


We thought we’d celebrate the joyous occasion with a walk around the neighborhood, but Fig didn’t make it much farther than the gate before she felt the need to lie down and rest, so we opted to check out the new dog play yard on the corner. Thankfully it was empty. (I’m still anxious about Fig playing with the big dogs. She’s still so tiny!) We sniffed and snorted and tried to chase cars and found the biggest stick we could manage. And by we, I mean Fig.


I think it’s safe to say she likes this outside thing. (;

Happy Fourth on the tenth because that’s how we roll

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We’re tardy per usual, but I’ll say it anyway even though it’s days late: Happy Independence Day! I hope yours was red, white, and blue all over with a few sparkles thrown in for flair.

We took the long weekend and stretched it out into an extra long one to make time for a road trip to Michigan to visit my brother and sister-in-law, two of the kindest souls you’ll ever meet. It was different; this being our first time traveling with a puppy, but that just meant packing the car with more junk than usual and looking for restaurants with outdoor seating. Oh, and heading home for midday naps, which I had no qualms with whatsoever. Ha.

I won’t bore you with all the details. Suffice it to say we ate a lot of food, had a lot of laughs, and soaked up some sun without frying ourselves silly. It’s at least ten degrees cooler up there, and we really made the most of that lovely weather by walking everywhere we could, sitting out in the yard throwing (and losing) the Frisbee, and even going kayaking with Fig—in her little life jacket, of course.

I tell ya, that furball was the hit of the town. We were stopped no less than four times per outing, and someone even requested a selfie with her! She eats up all that attention, though. Lee always says, “She’s a looker.” And I always add, “And she knows it.” (:

And now here are some pretty photos to take us out because I’d probably just babble on about Fig some more.

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^^^When you’re on a proper road trip, you must stop for stupid fries. And a big stupid Coke.

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^^^Fig claimed the coffee table as her designated spot about five seconds after we walked in the door.

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^^^So grateful for the simple pleasure of sharing a meal, a bottle of sunscreen, and a load of laughs with the people I love.

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^^^This one gets me. Every. Time.

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IMG_7494 copy

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^^^Fig decided mid-walk that vacations were exhausting. She just had too much fun, so we carried her home. (:

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^^^We tried to persuade Figgy to wade in at the riverbank, but she wasn’t having any of it. She wet her paws just enough to get a treat from my hand, but then it was right back to shore. Haha.

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IMG_7403 copy

^^^She knew she wanted it, but she didn’t know what to do with it once she had it. Ha.

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^^^This counts as a family photo, right? Fig’s shadow not included. (She prefers to reserve the bat signal for emergencies.) (;

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^^^There’s just never enough time with these two. Michigan is lucky to have them.


Maybe it’s the hour, or maybe it’s the Earl Grey


There are some nights I lie awake in bed worrying and making lists. Then there are nights like tonight, when I can’t sleep for a wholly different reason, when something reminds me how wonderful this life I’m living can be–if I let it, if I stop and notice it … if I loosen my ninja grip on it.
It’s not always easy. (Life, not my ninja grip. (; ) It’s never perfect, at least not in any dictionary sense of the word. But some days it’s really, REALLY good. Like stupidly good. And that means I’m over here under the covers pinching myself to make sure it will all still be there before I finally let my eyelids close.


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Happy first (and second) day of summer from us and a teeny tiny blurry Fig! We hope yours was all kinds of wonderful! We spent ours weeding the garden and chasing pine cones. (I’m sure you can guess who did what.) (;

By day’s end we smelled of dirt, and it felt like lady summer herself wrapped her warm arms around us.

The season of sunburns and sweat and saltwater (the ocean kind and the feet wearing kind) is here! Let’s celebrate with all three … er, four! -C

Summer, we’ve got big plans for you



Finally. A post. AND it’s a post that isn’t (entirely) about our pup. Impressive, right? My bar is really quite low.

In the good name of honesty, Fig pretty much is our life right now. Every decision comes back to that little chunk—who is now six and a half pounds(!!) if you can believe it; I still can’t.

What do you want to do this weekend? — What is dog friendly while keeping her away from other dogs? (Oh, vaccines, you are the death of me.)
Want to go for a walk? — How hot is it? Because bulldogs overheat SO easily!
Should we go see a movie? Can we go out to eat? — How long will we be gone? Can Fig be crated for that long yet? If it’s too late or too early, will she wake up the neighbors?

Thankfully, we’ve got one final round of shots, then we’re home free! Dog parks, any and all other parks, neighborhood walks, restaurants with outdoor seating, HERE WE COME! We are soooo ready for you! All of you! Be prepared to have your metaphorical faces kissed off because we can’t wait to have more grass between our toes.

That was a rambling way to say: Here’s our summer bucket list! And we’ve already crossed off the first two, but we’ll probably cross them off again (and again) just for good measure. (;

– drive-in movie date
– get dirty in the garden
– run through a sprinkler with Fig
– pick a bucket of blueberries at our favorite PYO farm
– bake a pie with a lattice top crust
– take a road trip … and eat loads of junk food and play silly car games to pass the hours
– sit on a porch somewhere
– share a home-cooked meal with friends
– pickle veggies from our garden
– have a family Popsicle date (King of Pops for the humans and one of their pup-friendly Lick-A-Lots for the furball)
– spit watermelon seeds in at least five different places
– picnic somewhere green
– row, row, row a boat

It’s practically the weekend! Heck, let’s just call it. It’s the weekend! And someone with pointy ears is pretty excited about it!

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Now go do something fun and preferably outdoors, especially if you aren’t a puppy parent with three more weeks of self-inflicted quarantine. Woohoo! -C

Ten completely random things about our life A.P.

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That would be: After Puppy—in case you were wondering.

1:: Today—and for the very first time—Fig hopped in her crate without any encouragement and fell asleep without a single cry, snort, or peep. I promptly did a happy dance.

2:: I genuinely miss grocery shopping with my mister. For now, he stays home while the furry one gets used to her crate. It’s just not as fun without someone there to tell me we need more fruit. (:

3:: The face Figgy makes when she tastes the bitter apple spray we use to keep her chewing in check is hilarious. … Speaking of tongues, she’s also started to sometimes sleep with hers sticking out. Hehe.

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4:: We are counting down the days until her last round of vaccines, so we can go for walks around our apartment and spend Saturdays at the park.

5:: Fig takes shots like a champ but almost always whines if she has to sleep anywhere other than your lap. Oy.

6:: She has the teeniest tiniest life jacket (size xxxs—and it’s still too big!) for an upcoming trip and looks like a pup on a secret mission when she wanders around the apartment with it on. And we thought she couldn’t get any cuter.

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7:: Watching Lee play with her is THE best. The man has some top-notch voices for each of her toys. (I know he’ll kick some serious story-reading butt when there are two-legged littles in the house.)

8:: The mister’s favorite Fig-ism is the squeak she makes after a nice long yawn.

9:: My favorite is when she gets the hiccups, which happens at least six times a day. She’s so itty bitty that each one jiggles her entire body. (:

10:: Pulling up grass with your teeth is the most fun you can have on a sunny afternoon.

IMG_6377 copy

^^^Husband calls this one “Fig with a Twig.” I like it. -C