“I am so in love with you; there is no one else for me.”

© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com

Six months ago I married my best friend, the one and only love of my life. Honestly it feels like it was ages ago — another lifetime maybe — because this, right now, feels so natural and kismet that I can’t imagine it being any other way.

Lee, I love you. And I love that I have the privilege of sharing my life and everything else in it (including frozen wedding cake) with you. Here’s to the next six months and six hundred after that! xo

Which brings me to my next point: Is hacking into an anniversary cake before the one-year mark some kind of omen for terrible things to come? Like cavities at our next dentist appointments?

That’s right. We’re cheats who are skipping ahead three spaces and cutting into that sucker tonight, well, half of it. I mean, half a year, half a cake. It makes perfectly logical sense to us.

(I bet we’d have shaved off a slice each month if we’d thought of it sooner. Ha. It was GOOD cake. And all we got were those teensy slivers that we fed each other. OK, that’s enough justification because I really don’t feel bad about eating cake. Ever.)

So, tonight we’re putting on fancy pants for a dinner out, then pajama pants for dessert in. –C

Today I’m thankful for love in all its forms. Flipping through wedding photos just reminds me how blessed we all are to have those spectacular people in our lives — the family members that shape you and the friends that just get you. And let’s not forget husbands! I say three big cheers for those guys. And cake. That, too.

3 thoughts on ““I am so in love with you; there is no one else for me.”

    • Thank you, and congratulations on your anniversary! Husband and I had a similarly long dating timeline before we tied the knot, so we plan on celebrating both every year, too! … And the cake cheating was worth it. We have no regrets. Haha. (: -C

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